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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

homosexuality, buzz words. .what do they REALLY mean?

The truth about Homosexuality


            The homosexual community is very much in the news lately, by design and careful planning. This article is in no way meant to disparage any individual involved with this practice, but is meant to condemn the practice itself.


            The gay community seeks desperately to be seen as normal. There is nothing abnormal about this desire; we all spend a great part of our lives seeking the approval of others. It is human nature to want to be seen as fitting in; as normal.


            Unfortunately, there is NOTHING normal about homosexual relationships! The proactive homosexuals hide behind well chosen words like “gay” or “rainbow.” These names conjure up pleasant images that most of us use to picture the homosexual community. Unfortunately, these images are so far from the truth as to be laughable if it weren’t so tragic. If you saw pictures of the protests after Prop 8 was approved in California, you saw the homosexual community in a more realistic light.


            As a physician, I can tell you that the rectum was never intended to be a sexual organ. It’s the body’s garbage can and the anus is the lid. The homosexual relationship calls for one man to thrust his penis into the rectum of the other; into the body’s receptacle for feces. And when he is finished, he often has to wipe feces off his penis.  Where’s “gay” in all this? Where’s the “rainbow?” Few of these men would be willing to put his hand in a filthy garbage can, but think nothing of where they place their sexual organ.  Ah, you say. The vagina has bacteria too. Yes, it does; the kind that can make yoghurt. Not known to be harmful to humans. Feces, on the other hand, can contain some of the most harmful pathogens. The vagina was designed to stretch enough to allow a baby to pass through. Each of you has experienced what happens when an unusually large firm stool passes through your anus. You feel pain and often notice blood because the delicate tissues tear easily. Again, the anus/rectum was never intended to be a sexual organ!


            Homosexual men seem to have almost a death grip on Hollywood these days and as you all know, Hollywood likes to show sexual encounters of all kinds. With all this homosexual influence in Hollywood, you’d think we see a lot of homosexual sex, right? To the contrary, the homosexuals know that this totally abnormal type of sex would offend and disgust the public to the point that the tide of opinion would turn against them. The terms “gay” and “rainbow” would lose their effectiveness in hiding the reality of the homosexual “lifestyle.”  In all reality, homosexual sex would probably disgusts most homosexuals if they had to watch it on the screen. There is nothing sweet and tender about one man thrusting his penis in another man’s rectum.